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viv-i-fy (verb) - to give or bring life to; to make more lively; to enliven

At Vivify Wellness you'll find a warm, welcoming environment to help you feel at ease as you begin counseling and your journey to emotional health.


Do you...

Struggle with your emotions?

Have difficulties in your relationships?

Feel burdened by traumatic events that happened in your past?

Find yourself making the same mistakes and not knowing how to break free from the negative patterns you're stuck in?



If so, you're in the right place. Clients often come to me for counseling because they feel their life isn't going the way they want. Their negative patterns and choices are getting in the way of having the peaceful, happy life they desire. They feel stuck making the same choices over and over again and don't know how to break out of that pattern. They want to break free from pain, confusion, or numbness. They want to heal from traumas they have experienced.  They come seeking a way out of the darkness and muck so they can begin to feel alive, whole, and optimistic about their future.




Feeling happier and better able to appreciate the positive things in life

Releasing fears, anxiety, and depression

Healing from past traumas

Feeling more confident in yourself and the choices you make

Creating stronger connections with loved ones

Knowing that you have the power to live the life you want


Are you ready? To start your journey to wellness now, contact us at 480-206-4753.

Welcome to Vivify Wellness​!

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