Vivify Wellness

Laura Fontaine, MS, LISAC, LPC

Our Story

We know that for many people the choice to begin therapy was not a decision they entered into lightly.  For some, it may even have been something they had been thinking about doing for years before they took that step of actually reaching out.  

Vivify Wellness was born out of a desire to do things differently.  Having come from the world of community mental health where services can be limited and therapists are encouraged to get clients in and out, I wanted to create a way to provide personalized therapy services in warm, inviting environment.  I believe people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at all stages of their healing.  At Vivify Wellness, we strive to give each client the type of attention and treatment that we would want for ourselves.

Creating comfort

Coming to therapy can be nerve-wracking, whether it's your first day or whether you're six months in.  We all do our best work when we feel comfortable.  From the moment you enter, our offices are designed intentionally to help people feel at ease, like they are sitting in a friend's living room.  If people can feel a sense of comfort, they can let their guard down just a little bit, opening the door to do the difficult work of sorting through life's troubles.  

Our therapists are trained to treat trauma and are sensitive to the way having experienced traumatic events affects people's nervous systems and beliefs about themselves.  This specialized knowledge helps guide the work we do and the care we provide for our clients.  

Learn more about our therapists: Laura Fontaine and Christina Parker.