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My name is Christina Parker. I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, planted in the sun of the Arizona desert. Over the past decade, I have had the honor of working in many roles in the community mental health system: in the adolescent justice system in treatment services, as a therapist in a housing program for homeless individuals with Serious Mental Illness (SMI), with the mental health court of King County, and with individuals serving jail time. In my current role, I have found my calling. It is an honor to walk with my clients as they heal.

As an Existential therapist, I am keenly aware of the way each person interprets and makes meaning with their unique lived experience. In my office, you will have the support and opportunity to engage with the questions that underlie whatever symptoms you struggle with. I am happy to help my clients to create their own sense of meaning. 

Christina Parker

I have a special place in my heart for humans in the LGBTQ-IA community, and am passionate about providing a safe, understanding space for all.  I love working with folks on the sexual, affectional, and gender spectrums.  You will find no discrimination here. 

I am trained, and constantly seeking further education, in a variety of healing modalities including EMDR, Brainspotting, and Lifespan Integration which I draw from to individualize care for each unique client.  I specialize in treating complex PTSD and dissociative disorders.  

I am a member of the American Counseling Association and the Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling. 

My education:

  • Master of Science in Professional Counseling, Grand Canyon University, 2018
  • Master of Arts in (Existential-Phenomenological) Psychology, Seattle University, 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Seattle Pacific University, 2008

You can reach me directly at or 508-233-3985.

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